Shortboard (0)

The shortboard is usually found at a length of under seven feet long.  It will have a greater amount of rocker which allows it to surf in critical sections of the wave. It is most commonly seen with sharp noses, thins rails, and either three or four fins.

Longboard (0)

Longboards typically range from 8 feet to 12 feet long, at least 2.5 inches thick and twenty inches wide.

Funboard (0)

A funboard is a larger surfboards with a lot of volume but not quite that of a longboard. They typically range in from 6 feet to 8 feet long. The funboard can come in a variety of tail shapes, nose shapes, and foils.

Fish (0)

It is typically found shorter and wider than the shortboard and because of this it works very well in small mushy surf. A fish is a relatively flat surfboard with only a bit of rocker.

Gun (0)

A typical gun ranges in length from 6’6” to 10’. A gun will have a great deal of rocker and will most likely have three of four fins.

Hybrid (0)

A hybrid surfboard design mixes a few design elements from different board types. One common example mixes the characteristics and performance of a shortboard with the stability and tail design of a fish.

SUP (0)

Stand up paddle board

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